For the past few months I’ve been using BLOWiT Fans at my clinics, performances, in my teaching/recording studio and have literally been “blown” away. The ability to attach the fan to a hi hat stand, cymbal stand, music stand etc. and being able to angle it in any direction is pure genius. I’m also very impressed with the low volume the fan produces, therefore on a live stage there are no problems with hearing the fan through the mics. Thanks to James and the gang at “BLOWiT!”

Mike Michalkow – Yamaha Drum Clinician


Love the fan!! It’s so easy to move around with one hand while holding my camera with the other. No more assistant holding the heavy floor fan! I’ve attached one of the photos for you to see. The fan was approximately 5 ft. in front of the model and in the low position.

Gil Mitchell
Oklahoma City, OK


This is the greatest thing ever. I have a tough time running it on the level 3 it gets chilly. I have it mounted on the hi-hat it's a perfect fit to my kit. The flexible neck lets you get it tucked around the set, the multi clamp is really nice and beefy. Our bass player and keyboard player ordered one each when they saw mine. Now the can be cool like me...

Thunder God
New York, NY


I just got this thing a couple of weeks ago, but it had already proven itself to be a great addition to anyone who overheats while playing. It's small enough to fit in a tight spot, yet powerful enough to keep you cool and comfy the whole night. Totally adjustable and convenient. I couldn't be happier! I can't really speak about the length of time this thing will hold up, but it seems pretty heavy-duty. I'm lovin' it!!

Spokane, WA

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