Eliminate heat fatigue and increase your endurance with the BLOWiT® Personal Cooling System.

The Patented BLOWIT® Personal Cooling System is a high-powered Cooling System designed with specific form and function. The unit is omni-directional via a high-strength gooseneck and oscillating fan head which allows for directional and angle adjustments so air-flow can be directed where needed. The heavy duty quick release mounting system accommodates diameters from ½” – 1 ¾” that can be quickly moved to other equipment with ease. The 3 speed motor provides enough power to keep the advanced athlete to the severely compromised cool and refreshed so the maximum benefit from your workout is obtained.

Heat fatigue causes frustration, exhaustion, lack of motivation, and most importantly NO RESULTS, so get the BLOWiT® Personal Cooling System today and get results fast!


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